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New to the Market Electromagnetic Equipment for Alkali Metals

Updated: May 2

Creative Engineers Inc has more than 100 years of combined experience in building and engineering systems for the safe use, transportation, storage, and cleanup of water-reactive metals like potassium, lithium, and sodium. Our experts consistently work on projects that involve alkali metals for a wide range of clients, such as chemical manufacturers, research organizations, the US and other governments, and academia.

We have specialists who are knowledgeable in using an assortment of equipment for handling reactive metals. Besides consulting services, Creative Engineers also provides training to help your teams comply with the necessary safety standards and regulations.

The list of equipment below is some of the specialized items CEI can supply with regard to alkali metals.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

An electromagnetic flow meter is a volumetric flow meter that does not have moving parts to wear down. This feature reduces the need for replacement or maintenance and imparts an ability to handle high temperatures.

Besides requiring less maintenance, another primary advantage of using electromagnetic flow meters is that there are no seals and hence no leak points, it’s all welded..

Electromagnetic Pumps

Electromagnetic pumps are devices that have two primary applications:

  1. The cooling of nuclear reactors and high-temperature furnaces where water is not desired and liquid metal is preferred.

  2. The movement of liquid metals to or from tanks and other pieces of process equipment.

Electromagnetic pumps have no vibrations or moving parts, so they are not susceptible to wear and tear. Due to this, they require less maintenance to use, are very reliable, and often last in excess of 40 years with no service.

High-Temperature Pressure Transmitters

Another tool that Creative Engineers use for alkali metals is the high-temperature pressure transmitter. This device is used in high-temperature applications where the media temperature far exceeds the limits of standard pressure transmitters.

The units are capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures at the process connection depending on the needs.

Pump and Flow Meter Calibration

We are able to provide our clients with pump and flow meter calibration when handling sodium-potassium alloy, sodium, and other liquid metals.

Our extensive experience with liquid metal systems allows us to test production-scale flow meters, pumps, and other components at temperatures reaching 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible to test our entire range of flow pumps and meters even up to the 3-inch-pipe sizes.

Liquid Metal Heat Transfer Systems

At Creative Engineers, we can design and build modular, skid-mounted, and pilot systems for liquid metal heat transfer depending on your needs. We have been utilizing alkali metals for many years and are experts in handling these systems.

This extensive experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with the solutions you need.

Specialists In Alkali Metal Engineering

Creative Engineers Inc has spent many years working with alkali metals (sodium, potassium, lithium). Our experts have been involved in many projects, with experiences that include alloys such as sodium-potassium alloy and lithium-aluminum.

We can provide you with specialists for consultation, training, documentation, and engineering processes for these unique materials.

Contact us at (717)235-5469 or to learn more.

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