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training class
alkali metals

Due to their unique properties, Sodium and other Alkali metals present many challenges requiring a disciplined approach to develop safe and reliable systems and components.  This course will provide the participant with classroom and hands-on knowledge to meet those challenges.

  • Hazards associated with handling and using Sodium, Potassium, NaK, and Lithium Metal

  • Proper PPE, spill control techniques, and first aid

  • Common design approaches for buildings, systems, and equipment used to contain Alkali metals

  • What to expect in the event of a water reaction and how to respond

  • How to properly prepare for a fire and contain/extinguish small metal fires

This one- and one-half day course will cover properties, hazards, safety, PPE, emergency response, building characteristics, system design, equipment, and more.  It will also include hands-on demonstrations.

*Note: This class qualifies as 8 PDH (Professional Development Hours) and will be signified on class certificate, if requested.

Alkali Metals Safety Training Class

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