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Commercial Scale

Commercial scale is the plant design that will be used to generate product for sales to end-users. The physical size could be very small or very large depending on the product, the market size, the economics, and other factors.

  • Experienced chemical, electrical, instrument, and mechanical engineers

  • Plant process design

    • PFD, P&ID, equipment specs, instrument specs, custom equipment design, skid-mounted process units

  • Project management

    • Construction management, cost control, procurement, startup assistance

  • Building-code consulting

  • Preliminary (or Phase 1) Engineering for +/-30% construction-cost estimates, preliminary operating-cost estimation, and preliminary product-cost data.

  • FEED (front-end engineering design) for accurate cost, schedule, and construction quotations—normally a design.

  • Package with 90% of the engineering complete.

  • Application of our proven Three-Phase Project Approach.

  • Basic data for design.

  • Process-engineering expertise.

  • Project-management expertise.

  • Building and fire-code expertise as it relates to the unique hazards of the proposed process and facility.

  • Safety and compatibility review by conducting a PHA (Process Hazard Assessment).

  • Understanding of the utilities, services and other infrastructure required.

commercial scale
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