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Regulatory and Code Consulting for Alkali Metals

Regulatory and code consulting is another important aspect of Creative Engineers’ alkali metal expertise. With CEI’s vast background of working with alkali metals, the company has become expert in how various codes and chemical regulations apply to these unique materials. Sodium, potassium, lithium, and NaK alloys have special requirements, yet these requirements are not clearly spelled out, and the codes and regulations can be confusing. Incorrect interpretation can result in poor designs or excess expenditure of funds.

CEI has worked extensively with the International Building Code and International Fire Code, each published by the International Code Council. These two codes have been adopted directly by most states and jurisdictions. The remaining states have used these codes as the basis for their own codes and chemical regulations.

Each of our alkali metal engineering experts has from 5 to 30 years of experience.

CEI is a unique and innovative engineering company with the capability to design, build, and operate research and pilot-scale systems to meet customer needs. The rapid results obtainable from CEI’s dedicated resources often accelerate project schedules as opposed to performing the work in-house, where the researcher’s efforts are often allocated among multiple projects.

We also work with other liquid metals, such as lead, antimony, bismuth, etc.

Chemical Plant

Alkali Metals Engineering Experts


Creative Engineers, Inc. has impressive alkali metals capabilities. The founders of Creative Engineers, Richard VanLieshout and Kevin Berry, have extensive experience with potassium, sodium, NaK (sodium potassium alloy), and potassium superoxide.


Creative Engineers, Inc. provides alkali metals training, offering both standard and custom training courses, at its facility in New Freedom, PA.



Sodium Dispersion

Sodium Metal

R-Grade Sodium Metal

Lithium Metal

Potassium Metal

Sodium-Potassium Alloy

Metal Hydrides and Oxides


Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Pumps

High-Temperature Pressure Transmitters

Pump and Flow Meter Calibration Service

Liquid Metal Heat-Transfer Systems


Creative Engineers, Inc. can handle all of your chemical removal, cleanup, and disposal needs with respect to sodium, NaK, and alkali metals. Whether for routine maintenance, decommissioning or environmental remediation, CEI can provide a complete service.

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