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Bench Scale Engineering

What is meant by “bench scale”?

Bench scale refers to the testing of materials, methods, or chemical processes on a small scale, such as on a laboratory worktable or inside a lab hood or glovebox.

  • Materials may be measured in a few grams to several hundred grams.

  • The typical objective is to verify that the process can be safely performed and yield the desired product.

  • Overcoming the most basic challenges in the road from concept to full-scale implementation is a key objective.

  • Quality and efficiency are usually not overriding concerns at this stage.​

bench scale

What can Creative Engineers, Inc. provide to accomplish the bench scale criteria noted above?

  • We are highly motivated and experienced chemical and mechanical research and development (R&D) engineers and chemists.

  • We have instrumentation, automation, and electrical engineering talent, including experience with PLC, data acquisition and SCADA systems.

  • CEI’s facility can handle hazardous materials.

  • We utilize a cooperative customer approach.

  • Our staff is willing and eager to tackle tough challenges.

  • We make good use of the tools and equipment we have accumulated over many years.

How does an innovator with an idea or concept work with Creative Engineers Inc. to develop a bench scale–development program?

  • Assemble a team with the necessary skills.

  • Conduct research into the product or process to understand what defines success.

  • Ensure that safety and compatibility issues are reviewed and understood and define safeguards to ensure success.

  • Develop an understanding of the staffing, facilities, utilities and services required to implement the program.

  • Develop a design for the test apparatus or equipment required.

  • Find company and/or facility that can provide the support and services required.

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