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Mastering Alkali: Everything You Need to Know About Alkali Training Class Spring 2024

Since 2016, Creative Engineers has presented training classes for the safe handling of alkali metals. Public classes are typically held at the CEI plant in PA twice a year (Spring and Fall) with a full day of classroom work followed by a half day of hands-on training and demonstrations.

For private classes, we offer customized sessions tailored to your specific alkali metal needs. These can be conducted at your facility, with appropriate safety provisions in place.

Our training program qualifies for 8 Professional Development Hours. In April 2024, we celebrated the 21st anniversary of our initial class. Congratulations to all the attendees for their commitment to safety and professional development!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Attended the class April 2024. Jared is a fantastic and knowledgeable presenter, and I found the information provided to be highly valuable. The hands-on work was enlightening and helped integrate the valuable lessons learned during the classwork.

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