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Redesign of CEI’s EM Flow Meter and Pump Offerings

Updated: May 2

Creative Engineers have supplied industry and academia with electromagnetic (EM) flow meters and AC-powered pumps for 20 years. The units were originally designed in the 1950s and 1960s for use in sodium thermal loops for the burgeoning first-generation fission power sector. None of these units have any moving parts, as all motive force/measurement is done via basic electromagnetic principles and the innate conductivity of liquid metals. The designs for these units were purchased by CEI in 2000. In 2012, CEI designed and built the first new commercial EM pump design in decades with its DC-powered units.

Today, EM pumps and flow meters are essential equipment wherever liquid metals are found. Recent clients include the solar thermal power sector, specialty metals, and next-generation fission/fusion power research efforts. As a result of their expanding applications, CEI has revamped the EM flow meter and pump designs to allow for increased customization with reduced engineering time. In summary, we have:

  • tweaked the original design geometries,

  • Incorporated new magnetic and insulating materials for construction, and

  • Standardized numerous criteria which previously required unit-specific modifications.

Following these changes, CEI has also simplified our unit nomenclature.

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