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Creative Engineers has the solutions for your Fluoropolymer Etchant needs

Creative Engineers has been making Fluoropolymer Etchant for many years. We have multiple standard formulas that have been proven effective by our loyal customers, but we also have the ability to make custom formulas based on a customer’s needs. All our C-EtchTM is made to order to ensure the longest shelf life for our customers. But wait, there’s more!

Here at Creative Engineers we also have the ability to engineer, design, and fabricate the etch carts that apply our C-EtchTM to Fluoropolymer tubing. Everything is done here at our headquarters in New Freedom, PA USA! We are currently building two carts; one for a repeat domestic client and one for a new international client. We have the ability to customize these carts to each individual customer’s needs. We have built carts that are fully automated with valves, sensors, and alarms to ensure smooth function and other manually operated carts for smaller batch research and clients focused on product or process development. If you have a Fluoropolymer Etchant problem, we can create the solution! Contact us today for more details.


Written by Alex VanLieshout

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