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Fluoropolymer Etchant

Test Kits

Creative Engineers provides a number of fluoropolymer etching chemistry, systems, and services to its clients.

Fluoropolymer etchants enable polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, commonly referred to as Teflon TM ) to be the widely-used material that it is. Creative Engineers, Inc. has supplied its clients with its proprietary C-Etch formulations and custom-designed etching equipment solutions for nearly 20 years.

CEI completed shelf-life trials on some of its C-Etch formulations, resulting in a recommended maximum shelf life of approximately 6 months. After that time, the etchants remain viable but the effectiveness of the etch is no longer guaranteed to meet the original product etching specifications. (Note that this duration is affected by the exact formulation selected, storage temperature, etc.).

Industrial processes don’t always follow a strict schedule. Storage temperature can vary. There are instances when only partial charges of etch are required. Because of all this, we know that some of our clients had etch stored for longer than the recommended 6 months. As a result, CEI developed the ETCH CONFIRM test kit to allow its clients to test whether determine whether it remains viable.

A passing test with any of CEI’s C-Etch formulations means that the etch will work as well as they day it was made. This means that etch that might have previously been discarded can be used – saving our clients the costs of both new etchants and unnecessary waste treatment.

Every ETCH CONFIRM test kit can be used with any of our C-Etch formulations, and each $100 test kit contains enough material for five (5) tests. Each kit also has easy-to-follow instructions, but please feel free to call us at 717-235-5469 with any questions or concerns.

We designed our test kit to offer our clients a convenient all-around service. Now our customers can use one tool for the efficacy confirmation of all Creative Engineers etchants. ETCH CONFIRM enables users to determine the usability of their in-stock C-Etch supply. With its safe, user-friendly features clients can get results in minutes. Instead of throwing out viable etch, our test kit helps clients confirm its condition.

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