Typical Project Approach

Creative Engineers, Inc., believes that a structured project approach to engineering challenges provides the best solution for the customer at the lowest level of risk. The company has adopted and implemented a three-phase approach to the majority of the completed projects that have involved delivery of a skid-mounted system or pilot plant. Throughout these three phases, we actively interact with the client for input and feedback, believing that continual dialogue is necessary to achieve optimal results. Generally, while every situation is unique, the structure below has yielded quality results throughout CEI’s history.

CEI believes this phased approach works well because it allows for clear communication of project expectations and requirements prior to either party making a large commitment. The customer is encouraged to contract only Phase 1 initially to validate the companies’ work together in an effective manner.

diagram of CEI’s Three-Phase Project Approach

Description of the Three-Phase Approach

Phase 1 – Process Engineering involves information exchange and performing sufficient engineering to develop a piping and instrument diagram (P&ID) and preliminary equipment specifications to define the process to be constructed. This phase defines the process and provides the following deliverables:

  • An initial scope meeting, if necessary
  • P&IDs (schematics including all equipment, valves, instruments, and basic process control)
  • Basic equipment specifications
  • A -25/+50% constructed-cost estimate
  • A process-review meeting
  • Updated P&IDs based on the review meeting
  • A cost estimate for Phase 2

Phase 2 – Detailed Engineering provides the details needed for procurement and construction—the detailed engineering with specifications required to secure or manufacture the critical pieces of equipment—and provides the following deliverables:

  • Engineering-review meetings as required
  • Finalized P&IDs
  • Final equipment specifications and/or selections
  • Final instrument specifications and/or selections
  • Preliminary operating procedure
  • Installation drawings (minimum required)
  • Detailed scope of work for the various contractors
  • A -5/+10% constructed-cost estimate
  • A proposal for CEI to provide a turn-key installation

Phase 3 – Project Implementation is the actual fabrication/construction of the process unit. This phase would provide the completed system and may include commissioning and startup, depending on customer’s needs. The system may be installed at the customer’s site or CEI’s New Freedom, Pa., facility.

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