Design for Sustainability

As awareness of the need to preserve our environment and make best use of our limited natural resources has spread, design for sustainability has become the process used by many firms to go beyond their legal obligations by being socially responsible.

The engineers at CEI can assist in this effort by broadening the inputs into design efforts. A broad range of considerations are required to ensure that “design for sustainability” is a fundamental part of your project. As always, the customer creates the goals and objectives of a project; CEI’s role is to bring innovation and creativity to the project to support these goals.

Some of the common principles applied in this concept:

  • Reduce inputs.
  • Use less hazardous inputs.
  • Recycle.
  • Reuse.
  • Manage and optimize packaging.
  • Develop products with lesser environmental impact.

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photo of chemical facility in harmony with nature, designed for sustainability