Pilot Plant and Pilot Scale Research – Creative Engineers, Inc.

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What does “pilot scale” mean?

  • A small-scale preliminary study conducted to evaluate feasibility, time, cost, scaling factors, unpredicted results, further develop a process, etc., to properly design and implement a full-scale commercial process.
  • Usually between 100 grams and a few kilograms of material.
  • Begin integrating process operations and equipment that might be available in larger scale for a commercial plant.
  • May or may not be preceded by bench-scale development work.


What can Creative Engineers, Inc., provide?

  • Experienced chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineers and chemists.
  • A constructed pilot plant for operation at the customer’s, CEI’s, or a third party’s site.
  • A facility that can handle hazardous materials.
  • A cooperative customer approach.
  • A willingness to tackle tough challenges.
  • The tools and equipment we have accumulated over many years.
  • Cost estimating, schedule development, preliminary designs, and other engineering services.
  • Application of our proven Three-Phase Project Approach.

What is typically required to implement a pilot scale R&D program?

  • Basic data for design.
  • Some research into the product or process to define the methods and goals of the program.
  • A plan to gather the correct data for further development and design of a full-scale operation.
  • Safety and compatibility review, CEI will often conduct a PHA (process-hazard assessment).
  • Understanding of the utilities and services required.
  • A design for the test apparatus or process.
  • A facility that can provide the support and services required.