Custom Alkali Metal Safety Training

Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) recently completed a custom training and demonstration class for a group from CSIR South Africa. In addition to learning about Alkali metal properties, safety, hazards, spill cleanup, and other hands-on activities, CEI demonstrated a liquid-metal Electro-Magnetic pump. We used our four-stage DC EM Pump to demonstrate a liquid metal system utilizing supply tank, return tank, and other devices including DC power supplies able to produce up to 850 amps to power the pump for the desired flow rate.

Thank you for making the trip from South Africa!

Let CEI know if we can arrange a custom class for your company, with tailored content to match your specific training needs.

One thought on “Custom Alkali Metal Safety Training

  1. Richard

    Thank you to our guests for making such a long journey. It was a pleasure hosting you at our facility in Pennsylvania.


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