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Travis Hale

Welcome Travis Hale

Creative Engineers, Inc. welcomes Travis Hale to our Greenville, SC office! Travis has over 25 years of experience since graduation from The University of South Carolina in Chemical Engineering. Travis’ broad perspective will help our customers with environmental testing, regulatory compliance, safety programs, process scale-up, hazard assessment, and all sorts of process engineering. Travis has deep technical knowledge in silicone, silica, silanes, sub-micron particle suspensions, synthesis reactions, wastewater processing, and metal catalysts. We look forward to having Travis help our customers in the Greenville area and all around the world.

Welcome Will Cheves

Creative Engineers, Inc (CEI) welcomes Will Cheves! With over 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering, process engineering, project management, and other roles, Will can contribute greatly to our wide variety of projects. Will has joined our staff in the new Greenville, SC office, where his combination of education and hands-on experience in adhesives manufacturing, textile manufacturing, and more will be a great asset. His background and processes knowledge utilizing all sorts of equipment and hazardous chemicals will be put to good use by our growing client list.