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Alkali Metals Safety Training

Thank you to all our class attendees for the September 2017 Alkali Metals Safety Training class! We had a great turn out from many different countries. We learned about the hazards associated with handling and using Alkali metals, as well as proper PPE, spill control techniques, and first aid. We discussed design approaches for buildings, systems, and equipment. We learned how to contain or extinguish a metal fire and had hands-on training. We also practiced safe techniques for small spill cleanup.

Stay tuned for the next class coming soon!

photo of R-Grade sodium cylinder

Now available: R-Grade Sodium

Due to customer demand, R-Grade sodium is now available for sale.  Use R-Grade sodium for demanding applications where low calcium content is critical. The calcium specification for R-Grade sodium is more than an order of magnitude better than standard sodium.

The product ships in a rugged, reusable cylinder that easily adapts to a wide variety of processes.

Contact us if other forms of R-Grade sodium are desired!

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Lithium Experience

Over the years, CEI has built and operated several lithium test loops ranging in size from one liter to 200 liters. To meet customer requirements, loop temperatures have been as high as 800 degrees C, and loop vacuums as low as 0.001 torr.

One growing industry trend is the ever-increasing demand for lithium purification. CEI has experience in several types of purification including filtration, hot traps, cold traps, and bulk thermal oxide traps.

Within the CEI facility in New Freedom, PA is a lithium loop that is used for testing pumps, flow meters, and other devices. The loop can be used to test customer-supplied equipment, or for testing the electromagnetic (EM) pumps and flow meters, manufactured by CEI.

Since the CEI facility handles lithium and other alkali metals, it has the required permits for working with large quantities. The facility was built with the proper construction techniques, fire and spill control.  This skill and experience is also used to help CEI customers properly design their facilities.

For more details including specific project examples, please download the linked white paper.

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