Process Capabilities

Completion of engineering is only the preliminary work for CEI, with all its process capabilities. Our engineers are able to manage the complete construction process for the client.

  • High Temperature (processes to 1000°C and beyond)
  • Ultra High Vacuum (pressures to 10 milli-torr, leak rates of less than 10-7)
  • Highly Exothermic Reaction
  • Endothermic Reactions
  • High Pressures
  • High Purity
  • Flammable, Toxic, and Other Hazardous Materials
  • Batch Processing
  • Continuous Processing
  • Water-Reactive Chemicals and Metals – experts in alkali-metal and other water-reactive chemistries
  • Helium-Leak Detection – Trained staffing of our own equipment insures quality control of systems we build.
  • Molten Saltes
  • Rare Earth Elements (REE)
  • Battery Chemistries
  • Many Other Materials