Process Optimization

CEI process engineers have many years of experience with process improvement in both research and production. Whether you’re looking for incremental process-engineering improvements or revolutionary advancement, CEI is prepared to assist.

Incremental Improvements

Incremental improvements are typically smaller in scale and geared to improve efficiency, yield, waste reduction, or labor requirements of other aspects of production costs. These improvements are nomally being sought for minimal capital investment and short payback periods.

The typical approach here is to spend time in the plant gathering data and observing operations, including any off-shifts. With an understanding of the process, the CEI staff will propose options for meeting the stated goals. These options may include changes to the process flow, raw materials, equipment, staffing, operating parameters, in-process testing, or other factors that impede efficient operation.

The focus is usually on minimal capital investment, so cost-effective options are the most desirable and often come from maximizing equipment utilization, including automating key steps.

photo of chemical facility in harmony with nature, designed for sustainability

Revolutionary Advancements

Creative Engineers can also assist your efforts at making revolutionary improvements to your product or process. CEI can help develop idealized solutions or assist in the research necessary to implement a well-conceived development plan. While there is no methodology that is right for all programs, CEI believes a work program tailored to the unique needs of each customer’s program is best.

Contact us or call us at 443-807-1202 to discuss your requirements or program. If we are the right group to assist, a plan can be developed that builds on the strength of your organization.