Biodiesel Plants

  • Converts vegetable oils, animal fats, waste grease and other organic materials to fuel-grade biodiesel.
  • Undergoes transesterification process.
  • Uses methanol as a solvent and sodium methylate (methoxide) as a catalyst. Methanol is recovered and recycled.
  • Produces glycerin as a by-product.
  • Typically uses a PLC (programmable-logic controller) to operate the process.

CEI has the engineering capability to design and build your biodiesel plant.

  • Expert in alkali metals
  • Sodium use and handling
    • sodium methylate production and handling
    • sodium methylate reactions including biodiesel production
  • Expert in process engineering
    • consulting and design engineering
    • process design including P&IDs, mass and energy balances
    • including biodiesel consultants
    • complete plant design
  • Strong project-management capability
  • Instrumentation and electrical support
    • in-house PLC capability
    • complete automation integration of biodiesel plants and other chemical processing plants
    • proper electrical classification of areas within a biodiesel plant
    • design of power distribution systems
  • Pilot-plant design and construction

Contact us for your process and project needs to design and build your biodiesel or sodium methylate plant.

photo of biodiesel plant, process engineering, engineering design, piping layout