Pressure Relief Systems

Design of pressure relief systems is a critical safety component in any process. CEI engineers are skilled at evaluating and designing relief systems that meet accepted engineering standards and also minimize excessive cost due to over-sizing of relief devices and vent piping.

The engineers routinely size:

  • Pressure-relief valves (PSV)
  • Pressure-rupture disks (PSE)
  • Combination PSV/PSE installations
  • Active vent systems
  • Vent piping systems
  • Vent header systems with multiple inputs and collection tanks

A further consideration is that systems design is meant to take into consideration all credible pressure scenarios, eliminating the need for a pressure relief systems device. This method of design often lowers construction cost, reduces leaks, and lowers maintenance cost while still providing the safety required by today’s standard.

photo of petrochemical refinery with pressure relief systems