Construction Management

At CEI, completion of engineering is only the preliminary phase of our comprehensive construction management work. Our engineers are able to manage the complete construction process for the client.

  • Scheduling – CEI aids in project planning to achieve client goals.
  • Procurement – CEI has the infrastructure to handle this efficiently for those clients who cannot or who do not want to handle this activity.
  • Contract Preparation – CEI provides assistance in preparing documents for contracted labor.
  • Contractor Management – CEI assists in field supervision as well as insuring compliance with technical requirements.


Completion of engineering is only the preliminary work for CEI. Our engineers are able to manage the complete construction process for our clients, including scheduling, using MS Project or other software.

Scheduling is important for both the client and CEI. Both parties need to clearly define project goals, and a schedule provides a number of important pieces of information.

  • Create project timeline.
  • Define project milestones.
  • Identify critical-path equipment or activities.
  • Provide a work breakdown.
  • Provide a means of measuring progress.


CEI has the infrastructure to efficiently handle procurement activities for those clients who cannot or who do not want to handle this internally. This service is typically of interest to startup companies that do not have a purchasing department. Larger clients also may take advantage of this service when they are short of resources or are looking for CEI to take complete responsibility for a delivered system or equipment.

Whereas most companies charge a 5–10% administrative charge plus 10% or more profit on purchases made on the client’s behalf, CEI’s standard terms are a flat 10% to cover the administrative and carrying costs. CEI profits by being efficient and from its engineering services, not by reselling materials to a client.

Contract Preparation

For those clients without a procurement department or who are unfamiliar with preparation of contracts for construction projects, CEI can assist in preparation of a thorough scope of work and contract terms and conditions appropriate to the project.

Safety, health, and environmental considerations need to be included to clearly convey expectations to the contractors. Payment terms and conditions, along with insurance requirements, are critical to protect the client. Other important aspects of a contract include work hours, smoking policy, drug and alcohol policy, use of company facilities, and utilities.

Contractor Management

There are many reasons for a client to seek assistance in project construction management. Often, especially in a small business, plant personnel have other more critical tasks to contend with, such as getting product to customers.

CEI engineers can provide a client with the ability to focus on what is most important to their business and yet be assured of safe, quality construction management on a project.