Commercial Scale Engineering – Creative Engineers, Inc.

What does “commercial scale” mean, what can Creative Engineers, Inc., provide, and what is typically required to move to commercial scale project design?

What does “commercial scale” mean?

Commercial scale is the plant design that will be used to generate product for sales to end-users. The physical size could be very small or very large depending on the product, the market size, the economics, and other factors.

What can Creative Engineers Inc. provide?

  • Experienced chemical, electrical, instrument, and mechanical engineers
  • Plant process design
    • PFD, P&ID, equipment specs, instrument specs, custom equipment design, skid-mounted process units
  • Project management
    • Construction management, cost control, procurement, startup assistance
  • Building-code consulting
  • Preliminary (or Phase 1) Engineering for +/-30% construction-cost estimates, preliminary operating-cost estimation, and preliminary product-cost data.
  • FEED (front-end engineering design) for accurate cost, schedule, and construction quotations—normally a design.
  • package with 90% of the engineering complete.
  • Application of our proven Three-Phase Project Approach.

What is typically required to move to commercial scale project design?

  • Basic data for design.
  • Process-engineering expertise.
  • Project-management expertise.
  • Building and fire-code expertise as it relates unique hazards of the proposed process and facility.
  • Safety and operability review, CEI will often conduct a PHA (process-hazard assessment).
  • Understanding of the utilities, services and other infrastructure required.