Welcome Noah Sutherland

Welcome Noah Sutherland to Creative Engineers, Inc. More and more of our customers are asking for custom fabricated skids, sub-systems, or one-of-a-kind pieces of mechanical equipment such as high temperature reactors or custom instrumentation. Noah’s very strong mechanical abilities and years of construction background will be heavily utilized as we take on these challenges. Noah will join our growing fabrication team at the New Freedom, PA facility. Welcome Noah!

Grant Wooten

Welcome Grant Wooten

Grant Wooten is an experienced Chemical Engineer from The University of South Carolina. In addition to real-world hands-on troubleshooting skills, Grant also has extensive training and experience with process hazard analysis, process safety management, lock-out tag-out, and other occupational safety topics. Grant has worked with scrubbers, strippers, condensers, distillation columns, and many other process equipment and systems. Welcome Grant!

Proud to Give Back

Each year for the past several years, CEI has been fortunate enough to make donations on behalf of our customers.  It is a great way to give something back to our world.  Heifer International provides a great platform to facilitate our activities.  This year we donated 10 biogas stoves.  In the past, we have chosen treadle irrigation pumps (a very creative device), and one year we even chose to donate goats!  All of the gifts also come with training and education.

Thank you to all who have helped make our company successful.  Our customers, our suppliers, our owners, and our employees all contribute to success.  Have a great year-end, holiday, and prosperous 2019.

Welcome Kris Krempa

Welcome Kris Krempa to Creative Engineers, Inc.  Kris is a Chemical Engineer who obtained his BSChemE from Rochester Institute of Technology.  Prior to joining CEI Kris worked on process improvement, waste reduction, and other types of process optimization for one of the world’s largest healthcare companies.  He’s worked through the Project Management Office to improve safety and quality, and lower cost.  Kris also knows about material properties and has done things like polymer fiber testing.  Welcome Kris!

Team Building 2018

We had a great time at the Autobahn indoor go-cart track in Harrisburg.  Isaac Jordan had the fastest time!  Chad showed his aggressive side!  Jon was in the hunt in all the races as well.  Special thanks to Debee for putting it all together at the venue.  The event followed our business discussion where we reviewed the status of the company, current projects, and our list of upcoming projects.  It is always fun to share good news and good times in our group!  We are very excited to finish strong in 2018 and look forward to another great year for 2019!

Application Data Sheets now Online

Due to customer demand we’ve added easy access to the Application Data Sheets for our Electro-Magnetic Pumps and Flowmeters online.  They are available from the product page on the web, or you can also find them here (for flowmeters) or here (for pumps).

Updates to our popular Project Approach

We are happy to publish our revised 3-Phase Project Approach document.  Over the course of many successful projects, we have revised and updated the estimate cost range upon completion of each phase.  This approach has worked on many successful projects at CEI.

We welcome any comments or feedback to continue to improve our process and our project approach for our diverse client base.

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Welcome Jonathan Haws

Welcome Jonathan Haws to Creative Engineers, Inc. Jon has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Penn State, and an eye for process improvement and problem solving. He has varied experience that will be put to immediate use! He has worked with very thin plastic films, a variety of adhesives, and has also done skid system design/build/startups. Jon is just the kind of practical hands-on engineer that our customers desire.

Welcome Luke Baldwin

Welcome Luke Baldwin to Creative Engineers, Inc. As a mechanical technician, Luke will put his organization, problem solving, and hands-on skills to work for our varied customers. Luke has experience with mechanical, electrical, and piping systems. His background in leadership roles and customer service, coupled with his hard-working attitude will serve our customers well. Welcome Luke!