Alkali Metal Engineering

The alkali metal engineering experts at Creative Engineers have more than 150 years of collective experience in engineering and building systems for the safe storage, transportation, use, and cleanup of alkali metals such as sodium, lithium, and potassium. CEI alkali metal experts routinely work on projects involving sodium—the most commonly used alkali metal—for a wide range of customers, including NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, chemical manufacturers, metals manufacturers, research organizations, and academia. Depth of experience with these metals includes alloys such as NaK (sodium-potassium alloy). Lithium is also an area of significant activity by CEI’s engineers due to the demands of the lithium battery industry.

  • Alkali-Metal Experience/Capabilities
  • High-Temperature Metal-Halide Reductions
  • Sodium Methylate
  • Heat-Transfer Systems
  • Reaction Systems
  • Pilot Plants
  • Sodium Purification
  • Lithium Purification
  • Sodium, Lithium Research–Loop Systems

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