Sodium Metal Supply – Creative Engineers, Inc.

Sodium metal is water- and oxygen-reactive and can be difficult to handle. Allow Creative Engineers, Inc., to provide your small quantity sodium needs. Custom sizing and packaging is available to closely match your needs. At our facility in New Freedom, Pa., we can:

  • Repackage sodium into “dose” packages,
  • Provide molten feed systems
  • Provide methods for oxide-free delivery
  • Custom-size ingots

Metallic sodium of high purity can be provided by several methods:

  • Distilling sodium metal
  • Packaging of reactor-grade sodium
  • Deoxidizing sodium using cold-trap technology
  • High-surface-area sodium dispersions

Process engineering of metallic sodium handling, transportation, and reaction system is available.

Eliminate the safety concerns of handling sodium and other alkali metals by contacting us for engineered solutions to your process requirements.

photo of sodium metal ingot
Various sized sodium metal ingots can be cut to specific sizes and packaged air-tight.

photo of extruded sodium ingots
Extrusion of custom sodium ingot

photo of custom sizing
Custom-cut sodium packed into “doses”

photo of custom forms
Custom-machined sodium metal