R-Grade Sodium Metal Supply – Creative Engineers, Inc.

Creative Engineers, Inc. offers R-Grade sodium metal for liquid feed into a wide range of processes. The sodium is packaged into a durable stainless steel container that can be reused many times, and can handle pressures up to 185 psig. With this capability, the container can easily connect to your process.

R-Grade sodium is used for demanding applications where low calcium content is critical. The calcium specification for R-Grade sodium is more than an order of magnitude better than standard sodium.

Please see our product flyer (PDF) for more details.

We can also offer R-Grade sodium as

  • Ingots of various sizes and shapes
  • Special packaging including larger or smaller containers

Eliminate the safety concerns of handling R-Grade sodium and other alkali metals by contacting us for engineered solutions to your process requirements.

photo of r-grade sodium cylinder