Electromagnetic Pumps

Electromagnetic pumps (or EM pumps) are unique pumps for use with liquid metals at temperatures up to 1500°F. They have no moving parts and no seals and, therefore, are ideal for use with molten metals, including alkali metals such as NaK, sodium, and lithium.

View/download our equipment brochure (PDF) for a brief description of all the liquid-metal equipment made by Creative Engineers, Inc.

Pump and flow-meter calibration is possible with CEI’s new test stand. Pumps and meters up to 250 gpm may be tested using NaK (sodium-potassium alloy) or sodium. Other liquid metals are also possible.

external view of an example of electromagnetic pumps
external view of an EM pump

internal view of an example of electromagnetic pumps
internal view of an electromagnetic pump

photo of example of electromagnetic pumps for alkali metals, sodium, conduction pump
our L-100-6 flat linear induction pump