Specialized Pumps, Flow Meters for Use with Liquid Metal

Specialized pumps, flow meters, pressure transmitters, and complete systems for use with liquid metal are available through Creative Engineers, Inc. Our liquid-metal consultant and liquid-metal engineers utilize an assortment of equipment when handling sodium, lithium, and other liquid metals.

  • Electromagnetic flow meters have no moving parts or seals and are ideal for all conductive liquids and safe for use with alkali metals.
  • Electromagnetic pumps (also known as MHD pumps) have no moving parts and no seals and, therefore, are ideal for molten metals use, including with alkali metals such as NaK, sodium, and lithium.
  • Specialty valves, designed for tight temperature control and no exposure of internal parts to a process, are ideal for processes adding molten sodium to a reactor.
  • High-temperature pressure transmitters are produced by using NaK as the barrier fluid in the capillary. Temperatures to 1500°F are possible.
  • Pump and flow-meter calibration is possible using NaK (sodium-potassium alloy) or sodium. Other liquid metals are also possible.
  • Liquid-metal heat-transfer systems can be designed and built by CEI. Modular, skid-mounted, and pilot systems are available.

CEI also has liquid metal filters for use with sodium and other alkali metals. Elements down to 2 micron are available. Call for details. Need advice from a liquid metal expert? Call 443-807-1202 or contact us today for further information about our liquid-metal engineers.

photo collage of CEI’s specialized pumps, flow meters