Nuclear, DOE, and NASA Alkali-Metal Projects

CEI has extensive experience working with nuclear facilities, primarily in the area of remediating alkali metals from breeder-reactor systems. In addition to earlier projects, Creative Engineers has worked with the following customers in a variety of deactivation and decontamination projects.

NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center

  • Design and fabrication of a skid-mounted alkali metal–purification system
  • Design and construction of a customized small superheated-steam system for decontamination and deactivation of alkali metal–contaminated systems
  • Training of NASA technicians in safe handling of NaK

FFTF Hanford Nuclear Facility
Projects included:

  • Reaction of remaining sodium in their CRCTA vessel, a 55,000-gallon reactor mock-up
  • Processing and cleanup of a fully loaded sodium cold trap and its economizer
  • Processing and cleanup of remaining sodium residues in two vapor traps
  • Processing and cleanup of remaining NaK from a large auxiliary cooling loop
  • Design of two skid-mounted systems that the FFTF facility will use for the final sodium cleanup at Hanford
  • Design, fabrication, and operation of a unique “alternating pressure/vacuum” pump for removing the last quantities of sodium from the FFTF reactor. No other company provided a viable design.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Full draining and destruction of the contained NaK from a SNAP nuclear reactor that was taken out of service but still loaded with nuclear fuel
  • Training of ORNL workers in the safe handling of NaK

Oak Ridge K-25 Facility

  • Cleanup and deactivation of sodium spillage from a project conducted by a previous contractor

Argonne National Laboratory

  • Cleanup of remaining lithium and NaK from several components
  • Supply of nuclear-grade sodium

UKAEA, United Kingdom

  • Conducted demonstration tests for processing bulk and residual quantities of NaK, converting them to sodium and potassium hydroxides

Terra Power

  • Design of sodium-purification systems