Alkali Metals Capabilities

Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) has impressive alkali metals capabilities. The founders of Creative Engineers, Richard VanLieshout and Kevin Berry, have extensive experience with potassium, sodium, NaK (sodium potassium alloy), and potassium superoxide because of their work at Callery Chemical Company (now a division of BASF), where they were responsible for the engineering and operations of all alkali-metal-processing areas. Callery Chemical Company (now BASF) is the world’s largest manufacturer of all of these products (NaK, potassium, and potassium superoxide).

Seeing a need for specialized alkali-metal engineering, Creative Engineers was formed in 1996. CEI’s engineers have over 150 combined years of experience working with NaK, sodium, potassium, and potassium superoxide as process engineers, project engineers, manufacturing managers and engineering managers.

    Creative Engineers, Inc. has expanded its core capabilities over the past several years to include other services such as:

  • CEI is one of the few manufacturers in the world of electromagnetic (EM) pumps. These pumps are very unique and have no moving parts and no seals. EM pumps are used for pumping alkali metals and other fluids with very high conductivity properties.
  • Design and fabrication of skid-mounted chemical-handling and -processing systems for many chemical and oil processes
  • Design, fabrication, and operation of pilot facilities for customers at our New Freedom, Pa., facility
  • Automation of batch and continuous chemical processes using DCS (Distributed Control Systems) and PLCs

More about Creative Engineers’ capabilities and information on the company is available throughout this website.