Company History of Creative Engineers, Inc.

Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) has a company history that dates back to 1996, when it was formed as a chemical-process engineering company specializing in alkali metals and batch chemical processing. The founders of the company, Kevin Berry and Richard VanLieshout, had a vision to provide innovative process-engineering support to the chemical-process industry as well as users of alkali metals.

Over subsequent years, the company has steadily grown and has added staff and capabilities. CEI’s current capabilities:

  1. Process and project engineering for various industries, including chemical, metals, plastics, and nuclear.
  2. Alkali-metal engineering, including use, transportation, storage, handling, reaction, disposal, and cleanup of sodium, potassium, lithium, as well as NaK and other alkali-metal alloys.
  3. Supply of specialty equipment for alkali metals (as well as other liquid metals), including electromagnetic pumps, electromagnetic flow meters, and specialized heat valves.
  4. Manufacturer of chemicals, principally based on use of alkali metals as a reducing agent for PCBs and fluoropolymer surface modification (etching).
  5. Design and construction of skid-mounted process systems as well as pilot plants.
  6. Operation of pilot plants for customers who do not have suitable facilities to conduct desired research.

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