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The following are summary examples of customer solutions executed by Creative Engineers. For more detail, see our LinkedIn page.

Vessel Decommissioning

In 2016 MEMC/SunEdison made the decision to close its facility in Pasadena, Tex., which required decommissioning of five large storage tanks containing the intermediate-stage product sodium aluminum hydride and two large storage tanks for liquid sodium. The sheer size of the tanks (some nearly 40 feet tall), quantity of residual material, and the presence of solids and other contaminants presented significant challenges. Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) utilized its superheated-steam process, tailored the solution for each tank, and performed round-the-clock treatment operations. CEI’s control system provided up to 600°F superheated steam and nitrogen utilizing two 20KW super heaters while scrubbing the outlet stream of any undesirable particulate.

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photo collage of SunEdison project

High Purity Blend System

A large market for SACHEM’s products is in the semiconductor industry. One particular supplier to the semiconductor industry was in need of a new high-purity blend of chemicals that would push the limits of current high-purity manufacturing and packaging technology. The project was large and required an accelerated design and construction effort. Creative Engineers, Inc. (CEI) was selected to be a partner with SACHEM on the design, construction, and startup of the new facility, because CEI could provide the engineering manpower SACHEM did not have in-house for such a large project.

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customer solutions collage of high-purity blend system

Flexible Tubing Etch Cart

A world leader in fluoroplastic tubing products needed an extruder-to-reel solution to provide continuous, high-quality fluoropolymer etching of many products in their portfolio. The solution needed to be simple and easy to use and maintain, and be compact to economize on floor space. Operations required that the design minimize the use of etchant, and generate minimal waste. Creative Engineers, Inc., responded with the Tubing Etch Cart product shown here. It features a proprietary-designed glass-tube etching section, quickly and easily removable to change sizes or for cleaning and maintenance.

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customer solutions collage of flexible tubing etch cart

Custom Glove Box

Our customer, Nanoscale Powders, needed a kilo-scale pilot plant with tightly controlled environmental conditions for scale-up R&D. Creative Engineers designed, built, and is operating a 250-cubic-foot glove box (6.8 m3) to meet the customer’s challenge. The glove box is fully inerted with Argon gas and is pressure-controlled to approximately 2½-in. water column. The moisture content is controlled to less than 50ppm, and the design supports up to five simultaneous operators.

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customer solutions collage of custom glove box

Electromagnetic Pump Testing

Safely and accurately pumping hazardous liquid metals such as liquid sodium, potassium, or NaK (a mixture of the two) poses unique challenges for the process engineer or scientific researcher. Such is the case for Guina Energy, which has developed cutting-edge homopolar motor technology that incorporates a liquid-metal brush system. Creative Engineers designs and builds a wide variety of electromagnetic pumps that are useful for many applications. For detailed pump testing of the DC Lab Pump implemented in this case, the system used high-purity NaK liquid metal as the fluid, which mimics actual process conditions.

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customer solutions collage of electromagnetic pump testing